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Investigative Services That WCTS Offer

 THANK YOU for viewing this page. We can be contacted for any listed service by email at businessoffice@allwcts.com .

Telephone numbers are 325-657-9353 for office and 325-277-9325 for cell. 

We West Central Texas Services Investigations are currently providing investigation services as we now have our very own license. As of 08/2014 we received our own Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Texas Investigation Agency license number of A19341. We formerly worked for Henshaw Investigations, A14424(closed), but are now working to provide the services of a full service agency, we welcome your patronage. As a result of state certification and oversight, we are a regulated agency, providing a regulated service and will now be required to charge and collect taxes on regulated services.  

Here we offer and provide  discreet and professional investigations to the public. The world we now live in requires that we gather our own information before having to make life-changing decisions affecting ourselves, our loved ones and others by extension. One can never get ALL the information, but, with  thoughtful, professional, and conscientious investigation/surveillance, one can get the information needed to make those firm life-changing decisions. We offer the following investigative services:


Domestic investigations can range from marital infidelity to a variety of family matters involving loved ones. There are times when it becomes necessary for one to further explore the whereabouts, activities and interactions to verify a person’s given trust and/or distrust. In this type of case, WCTS investigators will utilize surveillance to document these events.

Each divorce case that WCTS investigates is handled on an individual basis and the methods of investigation vary. When children are involved, a child custody investigation may be necessary to ensure the safety of the child(ren). Due to the sensitive nature of these assignments, please contact us to discuss your specific investigation needs. We can and will meet at a location of your choosing or in our local office. Taxable.


BACKGROUND CHECKS                                                                         

At WCTS we perform a number of background checks dependent upon the specific nature of your need(s). From the simplest background check for a new hire to the most in-depth background check for executive positions or sensitive positions and needs, WCTS is able to present clients with a customized background investigation they can rely upon. We provide in-person consultation to discuss your needs and interests. Taxable.


WCTS also perform insurance claims investigations.  We start out by compiling background information on the individuals involved. We look for criminal histories, driver's license information and date of birth and more. This information alone can help legitimize your suspicion.

We also do interviews of the parties involved as well as other investigative sources ( fire inspector, police, etc).  We ask questions, take pictures, investigate and inspect as appropriate.

As investigators, we also provide covert surveillance and photography. 

Additionally we provide report and testimony services. Once we have compiled enough evidence to make a determination on the claim, we will report our findings in a verbal and typewritten/printer report. During the investigation, we will make regular check-in reports on the case status.  After the case has been concluded, we will be available to be called as a witness in the case.  Taxable.


Surveillance is the monitoring or examination of individuals, activities and/or information. Surveillance activities are supportive in validating or dismissing information presented by the client or developed during the investigative assignment. Our surveillance activities can be either stationary or mobile depending on the situation and needs of the client. WCTS investigators use state of the art technology to investigate each case. The number of WCTS investigators involved in surveillance is dependent upon the needs of the client.

 Surveillance is billed on an hourly basis per investigator involved, out of town assignments may also include mileage and reasonable related expenses.

WCTS also do surveillance for local area retail owners and operators by way of mystery shops.  We have over five years working with some of the largest mystery shopping companies in the world and we know what to look for.  We are able to take short notice requests directly by telephone and/or fax. Call us at 325-657-9353 or 325-277-9325 to discuss your needs.  This service is Taxable.


WCTS offers legal support and testimony services including, but not limited to:

  • Affidavits
  • Statements of Witnesses - written and/or audio 
  • Video Statements
  • Audio Statements (others)

Contact us at 325-657-9353 or 325-277-9325. You may leave a message at either and we will call you back promptly.

(We also offer recorded telephone statements as well.) 

These are considered investigative and are therfore Taxable as well. 


Do you have an employee who has recently filed for workmen’s compensation? If so, private investigation services may be in order. WCTS Investigative Services employs experienced private investigators who are trained in workmen’s compensation cases. Their job/goal is to ensure that employees benefitting from workmen’s compensation are truly unable to work as a result of the injury that led to them filing for compensation.

This is an ideal way for business owners to manage workmen’s comp. claims and prevent employees from committing insurance fraud. To inquire about hiring a workmen’s compensation investigator, contact  WCTS today. We will gladly provide you with an estimate on our workmen’s compensation private investigation services. Taxable.


Here at WCTS we also offer Process Servers services for delivering legal documents. There seems to be a misconception that a process server must be a private investigator or law enforcement related. This is not the case as anyone who is certified by the Texas Supreme Court process can serve per the law. We are certified  by the Texas Supreme Court to deliver the following, ("unless otherwise authorized by written court order, only a Sheriff or Constable may serve"):

a. Citations;

b. Precepts;

c. Notices;

d. Summons;

e. Injunctions;

f. Writs of Garnishments;

g. Subpoenas;

h. Tempory restraining Orders;

i.  Protective Orders 

By Registered or Certified Mail, return receipt requested

Process service fees are  Not Taxable.




This investigator/investigation agency is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety/Private Security Board.  The Board can be contacted at the following website address: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/psb/consumer/default.aspx or physical/mailing address; 5805 North Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752-4422; Telephone (512) 424-20000.

Current Fee Schedule For Investigation Services

WCTS current fees for Investigative Services for the public are $75.00 per hour plus reasonable pre-approved expenses incurred with the investigation. Investigative fees are taxable. We usually accept cases in a four hour minimum timeframe, however cases such as address verifications and background checks are accepted on a case by case basis without a minimum time.  Contact us for more information. We give discounted rates for other professional investigators, attorneys and court-appointed cases. We also give reduced rates for all repeat customers.  Call 325-657-9353 or 325-277-9325 for more information.


Current Schedule of Fees for Service of Process

 In City Limits (San Angelo)

$60.00 per first basic serve - regular 3 to 5 days

-$13.50 per additional serve (multiple serves) to same person at same address- 3 to 5 days

-$25.00 additional for RUSH Service (request for immediate attempt, or repeated (more than 2) calls to check status) 

Out of City Limits but in Tom Green County

$65.00 per basic serve - regular 3 to 5 days - plus current government mileage rate

-$16.50 per additional serve (multiple serves) to same person at same residence- 3 to 5 days

-$25.00 additional for RUSH Service ( request for immediate attempt, or repeated (more than 2) calls to check status)  

Outside Tom Green County but in adjoining County 

$75.00 per basic serve - regular 3 to 5 days - plus current government mileage rate - Per attempt.

-$18.00 per additional serve (multiple serves) to same person at same address

-$35.00 per additional RUSH Service (request for immediate attempt, or repeated (more than 2) calls to check status) 

All Others 

Request Quote for services 

Note: WCTS will make at least three (3) attempts, please provide correct and current addresses for home, work, or otherwise for service. Telephone numbers can be extremely useful as well.

Note: If you process a lot of papers and are interesed in getting a quote, please contact us for prices. 

 Notes about Process Service

Most people have little to no knowledge about what a process server's duties are.  The televison

show depicting the  job is just that, "television", and not accurate as usual with television shows. 

While process service is an important part of the legal process it is often forgotten or overlooked

unless you are part  of it in some way. This is how I go about doing my part of the process.

When I am notified of legal papers to be delivered, I make arrangements to go and pick them

up. These papers should be completed for pickup well before the hearing/court dates and not

last minute efforts. Texas law requires at least three attempts and these attempts are best on

three different days. Most papers can not be delivered on Sundays so a day is usually lost in

attempts each week.   Once the papers are in hand, the date and time is logged. I then do

some research as to the person to be contacted so I have an idea of who I am looking for.

 Many businesses charge extra for this.  I check available databases to try to get a description

and address when a good one is not provided. I then check on the address if I do not know

where it is located.  This often raises other issues as the addresses are not current and

additional information on whereabouts is not available or not provided. For all practical purposes,

the papers should be returned but I usually continue to try and make extra efforts to locate the

person and/or notify the client of the address mistake.  To continue to try to locate the person is

called "skip-tracing" and is usually a totally different private investigation service. Once the person

is located and the papers are delivered, the date and time is logged and a separate copy of the

papers is returned to the client.  If after a diligent efffort, the person is not located, all the

papers are returned as Not Served.  Some of these are because people avoid receiving the papers

thinking it will derail the legal action or stall the llegal system, they are wrong as the system will

 just go another route to come to a conclusion. I can't count the number of times as a police officer

hearing someone complain that "I never got any papers." Some of the inherent problems with

process serving comes with the many moving parts.  The clients,  often law firms have a routine

as well as the members of the firm. The person to be served has a routine as well as the process

server.  Co-ordinating what need to be done across all the lines can be challenging and more so

with the timeframes being reduced from the start and/or people who really would rather not be




What is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator (who can also be known as a PI, private eye, or private detective) is a professional who is hired by law firms, corporations, insurance agencies, private individuals, or other entities to gather intelligence and confirm or disprove information. Professional private investigators often have law enforcement backgrounds or other relevant experience and training that has prepared them to investigate and research. 

Professional private investigators not only have the skills and experience to handle a case, they have the legal and ethical knowledge to make sure that the investigation is completely lawful. This knowledge base ensures that any evidence the investigator obtains during the investigation is admissible in court. I recall an investigation where I was asked by a father to learn where a mom was leaving her children during the day so he could go and take them since he and the wife were separated. The father refused to obtain legal guidance on the matter and we therefore refused his case based on ethics and possible legal issues.

Professional investigators also possess any licenses, certifications, education, and other credentials required in their areas of operation. States vary on what they require investigators to maintain in order to be in business, but you want to make sure that the investigator you work with is fully in compliance with all legal requirements.